MERMOLOGIST /məˈmɒlədʒɪst/ an expert in or student of the branch of science concerning mermaids and the impact of their myths on human beings. A water philosopher.

“before the sailors set sail to investigate what kind of song they heard in the middle of the Atlantic ocean, they agreed on asking a mermologist’s opinion first ”


Southern French grown, I shared my childhood between theaters’ stages and nature. I have a master in Art History from La Sorbonne. Passionate by too much and undecided by choice, life turned me into a pluridisciplinary artist: actress on stages and sets, modern dancer, singer, cabaret producer, screenwriter living between Lalaland and Paris. Curious by nature, my constant travels are a life quest guided by my own mythology: sirens. I’m currently writing a feature film called I.V. which is investigating the intimate relationship between a woman and water through the history of the Southern California desert. The film hopes to create awareness around the water issue.