AMARE! is French artist Adele Jacques' new "flamenco-pop” video, capturing the raw sensuality between lovers. Shot in several locations in Los Angeles, the video shows the primal act of love in natural and urban landscapes as a man and a woman come together like earth and water. This collaborative art-video is the first of a series about the call to wilderness and the reconnection between humans and their natural environment. This spirited and sexual dance manifests as the tension in the ebb and flow of the primal ocean, where life begins and ends. New York based Swiss director Marc Wilkins initiated the project as a collaboration with the company Bolex, to test the digital Bolex camera D16 monochrome for an up coming feature film project. Joe Rubinstein, the development director at the company, joined the crew as co-producer and director of photography, using lenses such a Fujinon 50mm used in X-ray machines in the late 70's and early 80's that has an F-stop of 0.7. (tunnel scenes shot downtown Los Angeles). Adele Jacques, the artist, wrote, co-composed, produced the song, and co-produced the video. Featuring Adele Jacques and Louis Oberlander Director Marc Raymond Wilkins Edited by Rhys Stover Director of Photography Joe Rubinstein Music written and composed by Adele Jacques and Bernard Locker Musicians Bernard Locker, Steve Kaye, Nick Rosen, Mike Green, Davey Chegwidden, Adele Jacques Music produced and recorded by Steve Kaye at Sunking Studios, Be Hussey at Comp'ny and Adele Jacques Make-up Sonia Gabrera Sound Joe Bartone Sound Design Propeller Studios Kiev Production Benjamin Hoffman Remi Josephine Evarts A HUMBLE/STORM/DIGITAL BOLEX/IARA FILMS PROJECT @2015


When my friend Imari needed help, I drove to the sea. This film was shot and edited in 2 days, to support her campaign on Please consider helping Imari's family so they can spend Christmas at home. Support at:

intoxicated man

In a mid-60's Parisian party, a late night "chassé-croisé" reveals the emotional struggle between a drunk pianist and a lady singer. Alcohol vapors and cigarette smokes cloud the issue until a mysterious Italian man intervenes. The short film is a musical homage to Roger Vadim and Jean-Luc Godard, and PARIS LOVES L.A.'s video for their first EP release "Intoxicated Man", a Serge Gainsbourg's cover song. The film is written and directed by Adele Jacques. Shot in a studio downtown Los Angeles. Produced by Adele Jacques and Kickstarter pledgers.